Powered by LEADTOOLS

LEADTOOLS Cloud Services is powered by the award-winning LEADTOOLS SDK. Its reputation as the world leader in imaging SDKs is well-known and trusted by hundreds of thousands of developers for over 31 years.

To learn more about LEADTOOLS, or if you are interested in a traditional SDK over the SaaS Web API offered by LEADTOOLS Cloud Services, visit leadtools.com.

Fast and Accurate

The Web API provided by LEADTOOLS Cloud Services offers the most advanced text, barcode, check, and MICR recognition on the market. Get enterprise-level recognition on a consumption-based pricing model.

Language Agnostic

Consume the Web API via any programming language on any platform that supports HTTP requests. LEADTOOLS Cloud Services is an ideal fit for any application, including mobile apps and websites, where developers want to provide equivalent functionality across platforms.


Thanks to the scalable Microsoft Azure backend, LEADTOOLS Cloud Services is primed and ready for whatever you can throw at it. Whether you are sending the occasional mobile device upload or running large volume document batches, rest assured that our services won't be your application's bottleneck.


LEADTOOLS Cloud Services is consumed on a per-page basis, with increasing volume-based discounts. Plus, your first 50 pages are on us! Visit the pricing page for more details.

No Server to Maintain

LEADTOOLS Cloud Services is hosted on Microsoft Azure, which means you don't have to purchase or maintain any expensive hardware. Don't worry about overspending on processors and load-balancing you may never use, nor about your application getting bogged down if traffic unexpectedly peaks.

Easy to Use

LEADTOOLS Cloud Services is very programmer-friendly and can get you rolling quicker than most APIs and SDKs on the market. Check out the online documentation and API Reference to see how easy it is to get started with LEADTOOLS.


Security will be the least of your concerns with LEADTOOLS Cloud Services due to its hosting platform. Microsoft Azure is arguably the most secure hosting platform on the market today, meeting the toughest compliance standards, including HIPAA, FedRAMP, IRS 1075, ISO 27001, and more. For more information on the security features of LEADTOOLS Cloud Services, click here.

Service Uptime Guaranteed

LEADTOOLS Cloud Services will always be available for your application. However, things do happen and we have a very fair Service Level Agreement in the rare event we encounter a disruption that affects your application.