LEADTOOLS Cloud Services offers two ways to purchase pages for your Application:

  1. Page packs offer a one-time refill of pages. Ideal for small applications with low, easy-to-manage usage volume.
  2. Subscriptions are billed monthly and refill your pages automatically. If you go over your monthly allotment, you will be billed for the extra pages. Ideal for hassle-free management and high-volume applications that need to avoid any possible downtime due to a lack of available pages.

Use the tabs below to view volume pricing tiers and full Service Plan Terms and conditions.

Number of Pages Price Price Per Page
First 50
100 $9.00 $0.09
500 $40.00 $0.08
1,000 $60.00 $0.06
2,500 $125.00 $0.05
5,000 $200.00 $0.04
10,000 $300.00 $0.03
25,000 $625.00 $0.025
100,000 $2,000.00 $0.02
Over 100,000

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Number of Pages Monthly Subscription Amount Price Per Page
500 $30.00 $0.06
1,000 $50.00 $0.05
2,500 $100.00 $0.04
5,000 $150.00 $0.03
10,000 $250.00 $0.025
25,000 $500.00 $0.02
50,000 $875.00 $0.0175
100,000 $1,500.00 $0.015

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Service Plan Terms

Fees for all Service Plans are stated in US Dollars.

The cost of all Service Plans is exclusive of any tax or other charges required by Subscriber's jurisdiction (such as VAT). LEAD is not responsible for sales tax, use tax or similar charges, other than Federal and NC income tax associated with LEAD's income, if any.

Except as otherwise stated in the Terms of Service, all payments to LEAD for Service Plans are non-refundable.

Processed Pages. A Processed Page is anything A4 or smaller (check, business card, receipt, etc.). An A4 page is any file determined to be the size of an A4 paper in physical dimensions, with a 10% leeway. For example, a 5,100 x 6,600 pixel document at 600 DPI is 8.5x11 inches, which fits within the bounds of an A4 sheet and would constitute one Processed Page. However, a large architectural drawing might be 18x24 inches and would constitute six Processed Pages since the total area of the document would require six A4 sheets stitched together in a 3x2 grid.

If an uploaded file is a multi-page file, each page of the file is counted as a Processed Page in the manner described above.

If a Processed Page has multiple separate processes run on the same page, each separate process will be counted as a Processed Page. Examples: If a Processed Page is processed for OCR and Barcode, it counts as two Processed Pages. If a Processed Page is scanned for a barcode and is also converted from one format to another, it counts as two Processed Pages. (A 10 page document scanned for barcode and converted from JPEG to TIFF, would be counted as 20 Processed Pages.) If multiple barcodes are detected on a page, each barcode that is detected will be counted as a Processed Page. If Subscriber requests a double pass for barcode recognition, each pass is counted as a Processed Page.

Processed Pages are deducted from Subscribers prepaid account when the process is completed for the applicable page.

LEADTOOLS Service Plan offerings fall into the following categories:

Free trial use - Every Subscriber receives 50 free Processed Pages for testing and evaluation of the LEADTOOLS Cloud Services.

Prepaid Page Packs - Subscriber may purchase blocks of prepaid Processed Pages at several quantity levels with the price per Page Processed decreasing based on the quantity prepaid.

If Subscriber purchases Prepaid Page Packs and consumes all pages, the Service will be blocked until Subscriber purchases an additional Processed Page Pack. LEAD will prompt Subscriber when its page count is getting low.

Each Processed Page Pack is a separate transaction and the quantities are not cumulative for discount purposes.

Prepaid Page Packs must be consumed within 180 days of purchase. If there is a positive balance in Subscribers account after 180 days of purchase, the inventory will be adjusted to zero. If Subscriber purchases an additional Prepaid Page Pack prior to expiration, the 180 period will be extended from the date of most recent purchase.

Monthly Subscriptions - Monthly Subscriptions allow a Subscriber to commit to purchase a minimum quantity of Processed Pages per Month. By committing to the quantity of Pages to be Processed during the month, Subscriber is receiving a substantial discount.

A Monthly Subscription Plan runs from the date of purchase and continues until terminated.

Monthly Subscription Plans are automatically renewed on a month to month basis and Subscribers card will be automatically charged for each monthly renewal. For example, if a Subscription Plan is purchased on November 10, it will be automatically renewed for another month on December 10.

Any unused Processed Pages will not be carried forward to the next month.

If Subscriber's usage exceeds the Processed Page count for the Subscription Plan, LEAD will invoice Subscriber for the overage and may charge Subscriber's credit card or PayPal account for the overage. For example, if the monthly Subscription Plan is for 5000 Processed Pages at $0.03 per page, and Subscriber processed 7000 pages during the month, LEAD will invoice Subscriber $60.00 for the excess processed pages. (2000 page overage x $0.03 per page.) Subscriber may not purchase Prepaid Processed Page Packs to satisfy the overage. A Subscriber may request that LEAD lock the number of pages available on a Subscription Plan to a specific maximum by contacting LEAD at cloudservices@leadtools.com.

A Subscriber can change the Monthly Subscription Plan to a higher or lower page count option effective upon the renewal date of the Plan. Subscribing to a larger volume of pages will not satisfy Subscriber's obligation to pay the excess page processing for a previous month.

A Subscription Plan may be terminated by Subscriber at any time, although the Subscription Fee is non-refundable. If a Subscriber cancels the Subscription Plan, LEAD will not automatically renew the subscription at the end of the month.