What can you do with LEADTOOLS Cloud Services? The API is powered by the award-winning LEADTOOLS SDK, which provides you with the most advanced recognition and imaging technology in the world. Between its Text (OCR), Barcode, and Check Recognition engines, document and image conversion, and automatic image pre-processing, you will get incredible accuracy and speed in one Azure-backed Web API.

Document Conversion Web API

Document and Image Conversion

LEADTOOLS Cloud Services supports over 150 document and image file formats. The advanced conversion Web API is very intelligent and will perform the most efficient and accurate conversion based on the source and destination formats.

When converting one document to another (e.g., Microsoft Word Doc to PDF), the searchable text is retained without the need for OCR. If converting from a raster image (e.g., TIFF, JPEG, PNG) to a document, OCR will kick in and create a searchable document.

Document conversion can also be combined with barcode recognition with separator marks to split large multi-page files into multiple documents each time a barcode is found.