Below is an end-to-end example of submitting a ExtractText request using Node.js programming language:

// Simple script to make and process the results of an ExtractText request to the LEADTOOLS CloudServices.
// In order to run this script, the following changes will need to be added:
//	1) Place your Application ID in the user portion of the getRequestOptions method.
//	2) Place your Application Password in the password portion of the getRequestOptions method.
// The script will perform the following operations in order:
//	1)Perform an ExtractText request to the LEADTOOLS CloudServices.  A successfully made request will return a unique identifier.
//	2)We will then query the services using the GUID -- if the file is finished processing, the body will contain all the
//	  request data.
//	3)We will take the json data that was returned, parse it, and display all the information that was returned.
// This script makes use of the following NodeJS libraries:
//  1) Request - More information about this library can be found here:
//  2) File System - More information about this library can be found here:

const request = require('request');

//If uploading a file as multi-part content, we will need the file-system library installed.
//const fs = require('fs');

var servicesUrl = "";

//The first page in the file to mark for processing
var firstPage = 1;

//Sending a value of -1 will indicate to the services that the rest of the pages in the file should be processed.
var lastPage = -1;

//We will be uploading the file via a URl.  Files can also be passed by adding a PostFile to the request.  Only 1 file will be accepted per request.
//The services will use the following priority when determining what a request is trying to do GUID > URL > Request Body Content
var fileURL = '';
var recognitionUrl = servicesUrl + 'Recognition/ExtractText?firstPage=' + firstPage + '&lastPage=' + lastPage + '&fileurl=' + fileURL;, recognitionCallback);

//If uploading a file as multi-part content:
//var recognitionUrl = servicesUrl + 'Recognition/ExtractText?firstPage=' + firstPage + '&lastPage=' + lastPage;
//var req =, recognitionCallback);
//var form = req.form();
//form.append('file', fs.createReadStream('path\to\inputFile'));

function recognitionCallback(error, response, body) {
	if (!error && response.statusCode === 200) {
		var guid = body;
		console.log("Unique ID returned by the Services: " + guid);

function queryServices(guid) {
	//Function to query the status of a request.  If the request has not yet finished, this function will recursively call itself until the file has finished.
	var queryUrl = servicesUrl + "Query?id=" + guid;, async function (error, response, body) {
		var results = JSON.parse(body);
		if (!error && (results['FileStatus'] !== 100 && results['FileStatus'] !== 123)) {

			console.log("File finished processing with return code: " + response.statusCode);
			if (results['FileStatus'] !== 200) {
			console.log("Results: \n");
		} else {
			//The file has not yet finished processing.
			await function () {
				return new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, 5000)); //Sleep for 5 seconds before trying again
			queryServices(guid); //Call the method again.

function parseJson(jsonObject) {
	//Function to decode the JSON object that was returned by the LEADTOOLS CloudServices.
	for (let i = 0; i < jsonObject.length; i++) {
		var currentRequest = jsonObject[i];
		console.log("Service Type: " + currentRequest['ServiceType']);
		if (currentRequest['ServiceType'] === 'Recognition' && currentRequest['RecognitionType'] === 'ExtractText') {
			console.log("Recognition Method: " + currentRequest['RecognitionType']);
			console.log("Data: " + currentRequest['data']);

function getRequestOptions(url) {
	//Function to generate and return HTTP request  options.
	var requestOptions = {
		url: url,
		//If uploading a file as multi-part content, remove the Content-Length header.
		headers: {
			'Content-Length': 0
		auth: {
			user: "Replace with Application ID",
			password: "Replace with Application Password"
	return requestOptions;